Easy Problems for Smart People – Playing math with Kangaroo (Coachkoob)

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Develop your key mathematical skills with a clever book!


‘Easy Problems for Smart PeoplePlaying math with Kangaroo’ is a book in English for middle-school students. It consists of Math problems grouped into eight chapters:  numbers and operations on numbers, plane geometry, space geometry, algebraic computation, logic and sets, patterns and functions, measurement, and data processing.

The problems in the book have been carefully selected to cover a large gamut of abilities. In each chapter and sub-chapter, the problems gradually advance from simple to complex ones.

A list of hints given for all problems helps to get the main idea when an impasse in solving has appeared. The solver can also check his/her performance by looking at the answers listed at the end of the book.



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The book content (the page design included) stimulates a positive attitude towards mathematics and towards problem solving in general, based on the respect for truth and a willingness to look for reasons and assess their validity. Many of these problems come from the International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition and are challenging, routine-free, inquiry-based, and involve the solver into rich authentic mathematical activities, which are meant to develop mathematical curiosity, interest, and willingness to use mathematical modes of thought and presentation (e.g. formulas, models, constructs, graphs, charts) to solve a range of problems in everyday-life situations.

Within each topic and sub-topic, the solver advances gradually from very simple one-step problems into complex tasks. Along the way, the insight problems are meant to raise curiosity and motivation. Briefly said, insight refers to the ability to have a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden, intuitive, understanding of a complicated problem or situation. Thinking “outside the box” and the capacities of seeing patterns and making transfers become important features of a successful person, for both the job market and personal life. People are daily confronted with tricky situations and need to deal with them. The processes involved in solving the present book mathematics challenges suppose certain types of reasoning that have an impact in solving challenges encountered in everyday life.



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Florence Mihaela Singer

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